An Analysis of School Counselors’ Creative Personality in West Bandung Regency


  • Ineu Maryani Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Ahman Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Juntika Nurihsan Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Ilfiandra Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


creative personality, guidance and school counselor


Personality is one of the aspects of a school counselor’s professional competence, which is shown by the ability to carry out creative and innovative services. This study aims to profile and analyze school counselors’ creative personalities in West Bandung Regency. This survey study distributed a creative personality questionnaire through Google Form to sixty-eight school counselors in junior high schools in West Bandung Regency. The study result showed that 18% of the participants have low creativity, 60% have moderate creativity, and 22% have high creativity. Further scrutiny through subvariable analysis showed that 19% of participants have low creativity in terms of product, while 56% and 25% have moderate and high creativity, respectively. Regarding participants’ creative attitude, 12% exhibited a low attitude, 69% exhibited a moderate attitude, and 19% exhibited a high attitude toward creativity. Lastly, 18% of participants have low creative behaviors, 68% have moderate creative behaviors, and 16% have high creative behaviors. The result of this study could be used as empirical data for developing school counselors’ creativity.




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Ineu Maryani, Ahman, Juntika Nurihsan, & Ilfiandra. (2023). An Analysis of School Counselors’ Creative Personality in West Bandung Regency. Proceedings of Siliwangi Annual International Conference on Guidance and Counselling, 1, 60–66. Retrieved from